Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Certification Program

Accredited testing and certification services for ELDs

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As of June 12, 2021, Transport Canada's ELD mandate requires all federally regulated commercial trucks, buses, and other fleet vehicles operating in Canada to be equipped with a tested and certified ELD. To achieve certification, manufacturers must ensure ELDs meet the requirements of the Technical Standard for Electronic Logging Devices published by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA).

CSA Group’s ELD Certification Program offers:

  • Evaluation services aligned with the CCMTA’s Technical Standard for Electronic Logging Devices
  • Testing services that follow the procedures and methodologies of Transport Canada’s Electronic Logging Device Test Procedures
  • Access to knowledgeable technicians and certifiers that walk you through every step of the process
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    Globally recognized product testing and certification

    Reliable product functionality validation of your ELDs by an internationally recognized organization with more than 100 years of experience in the certification industry.

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    High-tech and communication technology evaluation expertise

    Evaluation of your ELDs by qualified professionals with years of experience in testing and certifying product performance of connected devices and systems.

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    Expert support throughout the certification process

    Direct access to a team of highly qualified certifiers to help you navigate the ELD certification process and provide post-certification support.

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Our Commitment

Ongoing assessments to ensure compliance with the ELD Standard.

  • Applicable Testing and Certification: Reliable ELD testing and certification that evaluates devices to assess compliance with the applicable Canadian standards.
  • Post-Certification Support: In accordance with regulatory requirements, CSA Group will re-test your ELD annually and monitor any potential changes to the regulations that would impact the post-certification program.

Why Choose CSA Group

Accredited Certification Body with extensive knowledge of connected devices.

Trusted experience with product testing and certification for more than a century.