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Preparing Ex Product
Drawing Packs for Evaluation

A drawing pack is a set of graphical drawings and text used to illustrate the product design and conformity of a product with the relevant standards. The drawings are the basis for the assessment that evaluators use to justify that the Ex product complies with relevant safety standards; they also provide key information in determining testing and sample requirements.

By paying close attention to the design standards and documentation guidelines for Ex products early on (before the product assessment and testing stages of the certification process), manufacturers can minimize non-compliances related to their drawing packs.

We have developed a guide that covers:

  • The role drawing packs play in the certification process
  • The impacts of non-compliant drawing packs
  • Some common mistakes related to drawing packs
  • How you can ensure your drawing packs are completed correctly
  • The specific requirements for Ex products
  • How drawing packs have value before, during, and after certification has been completed